Pushing Up Daisies (mm-002)

PUD art 12

Our debut single. The song originated as part of Joe’s solo project however he felt it did not fit the style of folk rock he normally makes, thus a decision was made to start a band!

Big thanks to Grant Laurenson who played bass and helped alot for the recording and mixing (basically he brought most of the gear along).

released June 8, 2019 by Marionette’s Manifesto

Music – Leaden, Lyrics – Joseph Bagwell

Joseph Bagwell – Lead Guitar, Vocals, Production, Art
Lubi Blacksmith – Rhythm Guitar, Art
James Bracey – Drums, Production

Grant Laurenson – Bass Guitar, Production
Aerodynamic Audio – Mixing
Audio Animals – Mastering

Recorded at QM Studios Room 1 on 24th April 2019. Thanks to QM for having a good studio to work in!

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